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Late-night snacking, go up the weight down is "IQ"

A late-night snacks probably happened to the body are harmless, but a new study recently published in the journal eLife noted, to develop late-night snacking habits may change the structure of the brain's physiology. Researchers from the University of California study found, under normal circumstances should sleep can lead to lack of time to eat brain learning and memory, and to play these functions depends mainly on the structure of the hippocampus of the brain to control.

The researchers focused on the study of cognitive eat affect things in inappropriate time, because we all know that eating at inappropriate times will affect the body's metabolism, such as some of the symptoms can lead to pre-diabetes. Researchers Dawn Loh said, we study is the first evidence that an inappropriate time to eat or have learning and memory abilities of individuals adversely affected; many people will be sleeping in when the rest of the work or play, and this precisely the period of time is very valuable, because it for maintaining brain function is essential.

The researchers added that in the human organism has not yet carried out confirm this phenomenon, but they emphasized that cognitive shift workers tend to perform poorly. The current results show that compared to other acts, the individual's learning behavior really be affected, the researchers examined the article in mice to identify new objects in the sleep time for the law to eat mice usually an object of memories capacity will be greatly reduced, the brain and its capacity will be significantly decreased long-term memory.

The body's long-term memory and the ability of the brain to recognize the new object is typically controlled by the brain structure of the hippocampus, and the hippocampus in the body perception, memory and recognition store memories of emotional experience plays an important role; the process of going through the things the body, nerve impulse would normally be activated along a special path, if we repeat the experience of the event, then the effect will increase the strength of the same passage, but six hours of normal sleep six hours if the alternative daytime activities, then the body of mice This effect will be significantly reduced.