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"Chameleon" weakness

Anemone shrimp is good at camouflage in the animal kingdom Masters: Although our organs, blood and other body fluids of the parcel so that we seem opaque, but they miraculously get a similar superhero-like transparent color. However, when they are used too many times this "super powers" will disappear. Integration and comparative biology physiologist at the annual meeting held recently published research results. Previously, the researchers speculate that these animals will always transparent color retention as glass-like body color, but in the process of collecting Anemone shrimp, and a graduate student found that: After several escape incident, Anemone shrimp body color Gradually becomes dense, the more the number of their tails flipped, body color will become more opaque.

However, this strange phenomenon will gradually fade after a few hours. This suggests that there may be changes in the body color change movement to bring the body fluid flow conditions caused. After that, the researchers examined the process of movement into the muscle of the blood levels. They also take advantage of the difference between the internal structure of transparent and non-transparent muscle tissue muscle tissue observed by electron microscopy. They found that when Anemone shrimp sudden movement, blood flow rate will increase, the scattered light is further causes the body to become less transparent. The researchers of "ice" and "snow" to describe these two states. These two types of materials are made of frozen water composition, it does not contain any light-absorbing pigment ingredients. Each layer of ice, the angle of refraction of light is the same, which makes light penetrate very easily; however, the snowman, the angle of refraction of light at different angles due to play in the past is different, which makes the snowman will not absorb any light source (of course not penetrate), which makes the show a white snowman. Anemone shrimp in a major blood vessel in the main flow in the resting state, however, have begun to expand in many branches of blood vessels during exercise, leading to blood flow in the muscle tissue gap. It is this difference in the type of blood flow causes the body to produce similar to "The Snowman" color.