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Improve the efficiency of microbial harvest crops

Biological Agricultural Union (The BioAg Alliance) composed by the Monsanto and Novozymes announced the January 6, 2015 field test results show that microbes from nature to improve the efficiency of the harvesting of crops. One corn seed inoculants in field trial in the United States the average yield per acre to achieve more than 30 pounds. The product is based on soil fungi, scientists from both companies will successfully achieve this microorganism attached to the maize seed and remain biologically active longer. Biological agriculture Alliance Program in 2017 to the US market the solution.

Brad Griffith, vice president of global microbial products of Monsanto, said: "bio-agriculture alliance focused on finding solutions from soil microorganisms to continuously improve harvesting efficiency of existing land farmers need to meet the yield and protect the soil. needs of the system, our work on this is essential. biological agriculture Union, through groundbreaking collaboration to open an in-depth understanding of soil microbes, we are working on a corn seed inoculant is the best showcase joint research results. "