2-(4-Bromomethyl) phenylpropionic acid

2-(4-Bromomethyl)phenylpropionic acid

 Product Name: 2-(4-Bromomethyl)phenylpropionic acid
 CAS No.: 111128-12-2
 Appearance:  White powder
 Assay: ≥99.8%
 Capacity:  100mt/year
 Min.packing: 1gram
 Application: Loxoprofen Sodium intermediate
Molecular Formula: C10H11BrO2
Molecular Weight: 243.10
Melting point: 123-128 ºC

2-(4-Bromomethyl)phenylpropionic acid It belongs to the product categories of APIS; Aromatics; Inhibitors; Intermediates & Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory & antipyretic analgesic drug material, which is used for chronic and wet arthritis, deformability arthropathy, waist pain and periarthritis of shoulder, reducing atherosclerosis and inhibits the activation of cyclooxygenase.

Uses: Used as an intermediate in pharmaceutical synthesis


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