Tinosorb M

Tinosorb M

Product Name: Tinosorb M
CAS: 103597-45-1
Effective substance content: 50 (%)
Main use: UV-A sunscreen
Maximum amount: 4%

Tinosorb M ultra-fine organic particle technology sunscreen, triple efficient sunscreen: uva and uvb absorb, scatter and reflect, covering the uva band. It has intrinsic light stability and good dispersion in water. It has synergistic effect with other sunscreens. Suitable for high pa sunscreens.

Tinosorb M has many advantages not found in traditional sunscreens.
1, it is the first UV absorber using ultra-fine particle technology, its active material is colorless ultra-fine organic particles with particles less than 200nm (nanometer), can provide a refined makeup effect.
2. Although the light stability of Tinosorb M is slightly weaker than that of Tinosorb S, it still has light stability of more than 8 hours.
3, Tinosorb M has a triple sun protection function, that is, absorption, scattering and reflection of ultraviolet rays.
4, has a good compatibility, and the use of other sunscreens at the same time, can effectively increase the SPF value.

Tinosorb M is an organic broad-spectrum absorbent composed of fine particles dispersed in the water phase. It is compounded with Tianlai Shi, which is soluble in the oil phase, and can achieve dual UVB protection and UVA protection. The synergy between the two is obvious.


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