The Introduction of Bromofluoromethane cc

Bromofluoromethane is a soluble gas dissolved in alcohol and halomethane very chloroform .Soga standard molar is not the unity of 2.763 J / K ( hydrolysis ) and the heat capacity , CP (49.2 J / K hydrolysis ) .

So far it is prepared three ways prevailingly invalid:
1 . About fluoroacétique salts by using a Hunsdiecker II reaction. Dibromofluoromethane
2. Reductive debromination of Swarts and a passive process . 3 . dihalomethane reaction of a halogenated or a halomethane exchange contributed to or bromine trifluoride ether . The maximum yield of the reductive debromination with hydrogen dibromofluoromethane organotin.

Bromofluoromethane reactionary important raw materials, drugs and other chemicals . bromofluoromethane control the use of the potential of the ozone hole concentrations ( 0.73 ) . In its CH2Br18F no isotopomère use.
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