The Introduction of 2,3-Diphospho-D-glyceric acid pentacyclohexylamine salt

Product Name is 2,3-Diphospho-D-glyceric acid pentacyclohexylamine salt, 98%.CAS is 62868-79-5.Molecular Formula is C10H11NO2.Molecular Weight is 177.1998,2,3-Diphospho-D-glyceric acid penta(cyclohexylammonium) salt; (2R)-2,3-bis(phosphonooxy)propanoic acid – cyclohexanamine (1:5)
In chemistry , the chemical substance is a substance with constant chemical composition and characteristics . It can not be divided into components, the physical separation method , which does not break chemical bonds . They can be solid, liquid or gas .
Chemicals commonly referred to as ‘ pure ‘ to make them in addition to the mixture. A common example is the pure water chemicals, it has the same nature and the same ratio of hydrogen and oxygen is isolated from the river or in a laboratory . Other common chemicals in a pure form of diamond , gold, salt , sugar and so on. However, the seemingly simple or pure substance of the material found in nature can actually be a mixture of chemical substances . For example , tap water may contain small amounts of dissolved compounds, sodium chloride , iron, calcium and other chemicals .
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