The Introduction of Azoxymethane

Azoxymethane is one kind of strong effect carcinogen, uses in inducing the big mouse and the mouse colon cancer. 2,3 Azoxymethane induces carcinogenesis.1 the azoxymethane preventive treatment appraisal curative effect the research, and already in use, also often uses for to judge between other people's chemopreventative result, specially food, like undigestable sugars4,5, red meat6 and green tea7 in rodent model. These rodent model's result is helpful to the recognition possible precautionary approach, by human colon cancer.8 transformation growth factor Beta (TGF-β) the change or the unusual signal are developing and the AOM.9 treatment mouse's tumor examination, 10 azoxymethane treatment epidermis growth factor acceptor tyrosine activating enzyme activates intrinsic simultaneously stimulates synthesizes TGF- the alpha.11 epoxy synthase 2 (COX- 2) inhibitor NS - 398 (product to number N194) azoxymethane.12 to treat the big mouse cancer pre-cell's disease incidence rate to reduce.

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