The Introduction of Methoxyfenozide

Methoxyfenozide, (trade name: Runner 2FR, Intrepid 2FR, also known as methicillin tebufenozide, RH-2485) is the U.S. Dow AgroSciences Ltd (Dow AgroSciences LLC) of new pesticide products. Methoxy tebufenozide by the Roma – Haas Company (Rohm-Hass) in 1990 found that, published in 1996. Dow AgroSciences acquired in 2000, Roma – Haas Company and the Ministry of pesticide products, and in 2001 the brand name “happy” in China to obtain temporary registration of pesticides, in December 2005 changed the brand name “Ray-pass” been formally registered. The products are mainly used to control Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera class and other pests, because of its low dose, long-holding effect, stable, efficient, human animal safety features, much peasants.
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