1, 2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one


product name:  1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one;  1,2-benzisothiazoline-3-one; 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one 
CAS No.: 2634-33-5
Molecular formula: C7H5NOS
Molecular weight: 151.19
EINECS number: 220-120-9
Melting point: 154-158 °C (lit.)
Boiling point: 360 ° C (rough estimate)
Density: 1.2170 (rough estimate)
Refractive index: 1.5500 (estimate)
Storage conditions: -20°C Freezer
Solubility: Soluble in dichloromethane, dimethyl sulfoxide, methanol.

Appearance: white power.
expiration date: 24 Months
Grade: industrial grade
Application: bactericide
Molecular Weight: 151.19v

Is the main industrial sterilization, antisepsis, anti - enzyme agent. Is the main industrial sterilization, antisepsis, anti - enzyme agent. It has a prominent effect of inhibiting the breeding of mold (fungi, bacteria), algae and other microorganisms in organic medium, and solves a series of problems caused by the breeding of microorganisms, such as mildew, fermentation, deterioration, demulsification, deodorization and so on. Therefore, BIT is widely used in latex products, water-soluble resin, coatings (latex paint), acrylic acid, polymer. Polyurethane products, photographic lotion, paper, ink, leather, lubricants and other products.


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