Bismuth Oxychloride

Bismuth Oxychloride

Product Name: Bismuth Oxychloride
CAS No. 7787-59-9
Standard:USP 27/ Enterprise
Molecular formula: BiClO
Molecular weight: 260.43
EINECS number: 232-122-7
Density: 7.72 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Refractive index: 2.15
Solubility H2O: insoluble(lit.)
Form: Powder
Color: very pale brown
Water solubility: Soluble in HCl, HNO3. Insoluble in water, alcohol.
Merck: 14, 1263

Bismuth Oxychloride is silver scaly corpuscle,square crystal with pearl luster Its relative density is 7.72g/cm3,fusing point 218℃and boiling point 416℃When heat in air,decompose the variable chloride.some evaporate BiCl3,slightly soluble in water,the solution show alkalinity.

Mainly as additive in plastic industry;
also applied to producing nonleaded pigment and cosmetics;
high—purity one for making artificial pearl and dry—cell cathode.

Packaging and Storage:
Packaging:25kg/fiber drum.
Storage: Cool and dry place , sealed.
Shelf life : 2 years with properly storage. 



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