Product Name: NaFeEDTA
CAS No.: 15708-41-5
Molecular formula: C10H12FeN2NaO8
Molecular weight: 367.05
EINECS number: 239-802-2
Storage conditions: room temp
Form: powder
Color: Yellow-brown
Water solubility: soluble
Merck: 14,4031
Chemical properties: Light yellowish crystalline powder. Soluble in water and acid.

Mainly used as complexing agent, oxidizing agent, photographic material rinsing agent and bleaching agent, black and white film thinning agent
Used as a complexometric titration reagent for the treatment of iron chlorosis in agriculture
Nutritional supplement (iron).
Biochemical research. Mainly used as complexing agent; oxidant; photographic materials for washing drugs and bleach; black and white film thinner. Biochemically used to eliminate inhibition of enzyme-catalyzed reactions due to traces of heavy metals. Plant cell culture

Yellow or light yellow solid powder, widely used in food, health care products, dairy products, medicines, etc., is an ideal iron supplement. This product has the characteristics of easy dissolving in water, no rust in aqueous solution, good stability and easy absorption by human body. It is especially suitable for liquid milk, milk beverage, fruit juice beverage, nutrient solution, infant food and iron source. A water-soluble product that is an alternative to iron fortifiers.

production method:
The reaction sodium edetate and ferric chloride at 80 to 100 ° C, then dried and dried.


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