Product Name: Salinomycin-55721-31-8
CAS No.: 55721-31-8
Molecular formula: C42H71NaO12
Molecular weight: 791
EINECS number: 258-290-1
Melting point: 140-142°
Specific optical rotation: D25 -37° (c = 1 in ethanol)
Storage conditions: APPROX 4°C
Merck: 13,8415

Chemical properties:
White or light yellow crystalline powder, slightly odorous, melting point 140-142 ° C. Soluble in acetone, chloroform, benzene, ethyl acetate, ether and methanol, almost insoluble in water. The rats were orally administered with LD5070-100 mg/kg, the mice were orally LD5050 mg/kg, and the chickens were LD50150 mg/kg.

Salinomycin sodium is a safe and effective anticoccidial drug, and it also inhibits most Gram-positive bacteria, such as chicken coccidia, soft E. sinensis, poisonous Ehrlich, giant Ehrlich, Eucommia ulmoides and Hastelloy The worms are all effective. It can be used for chicken feed, the dosage is 50-60g/t, it is forbidden during laying period, and the withdrawal period is 5 days. Equine animals are hanged and will die after use; it is forbidden to use with tiamulin and oleandomycin.

production method:
Produced by fermentation of Streptomyces albus.


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