Product Name: Polidocanol
Cas No: 3055-99-0

Product Description:
polyether polyo is prepared by polymerization of glycerol with propylene oxide and ethylene oxide in the presence of a base catalyst, followed by fine purification.
Product Applications:

1, electrical appliances, electronics: connectors, coil rack 
2, industrial supplies: watchcase, washing tools, computers and OA parts.
3. Automotive industry: various inductors, carburetors, electronic control parts.
4, his product 1 widely used in aerospace, chemical, electronic, electrical, mechanical, automobile and railway industries to make high performance, high temperature, insulation and high performance requirements for the aviation industry, and make anticorrosive devices, corrosion resistant valves, insulation devices, etc., and make precision electrical connectors and high strength shells. A high temperature resistant contactor and so on; making the motor parts and terminals with harsh environment; making the carburetor, distributor, igniter, slider, brake system solenoid valve, gear, thermosensitive galvanic and piston ring. 

Characteristics and advantages: 
super resistance to high temperature, dimensional stability 1 not easy to deform, electrical performance 1 excellent, chemical resistance, fire retardant, fire retardant, excellent electrical insulation performance, good arc resistance. 

PPS the long-term temperature resistance RTI can reach more than 200 degrees, and the thermal deformation temperature 1 above 270 degrees.

Excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, high creep resistance, better processing performance, low water absorption, small molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability, radiation resistance and so on.


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