The Introduction of 3-Bromophenol 1

3-Bromophenol was doing when is the right amount of bromine . If overdose is easy to react . But the resulting product is not tetrabromo phenol . But on the position of two phenolic hydroxyl bromine , has destroyed the conjugate structure of benzene . The color is pale yellow precipitate . If this happens , you can add potassium iodide to the reduction, to be Tribromophenol . 1health hazard Pathways: inhalation , ingestion . Health hazards : toxic manifestations of increased respiratory rate , breathing deeply , body tremors and sometimes convulsions and even death , can cause significant lung disease from mild to severe congestion and spotting , by mouth of the gastrointestinal tract irritation and corrosion .  2toxicology information and environmental behavior Acute toxicity : LD50200mg/kg ( rat oral ) 1Hazardous characteristics : high fever by the decomposition of toxic gas bromide . 2Combustion ( decomposition ) products : carbon monoxide , carbon dioxide, bromide . 3 Emergency Monitoring Methods 4 Laboratory monitoring methods leakage contingency Isolation leakage polluted area , located around the warning signs , cut off the fire source. Emergency personnel wearing gas masks , chemical protective clothing to wear . Do not direct contact with leakage , and clean the shovel collection in a dry clean covered containers , transported to the waste disposal sites. If large spills , recycling or collection of sound waste treatment . protective measures Respiratory protection: possible exposure to toxins, should wear protective masks . Emergency rescue or evacuation , wear self -contained breathing apparatus . Eye protection: Wear chemical safety glasses . Uses : Preparation for disinfection antiseptic drug tribromophenol bismuth . Tribromophenol available aqueous solution polycondensation method or precipitation polymerization method as poly 2,6 - bromophenyl ether . This is a newly developed flame retardant , can be used for nylon 66 , thermoplastic polyester and modified polyphenylene ether and other engineering plastics can also be used for high impact polystyrene , ABS resin . Read more: 3-Bromophenol for sale